Review: Circuitbeard PiZero Hub Case

The Raspberry Pi Zero may have been out for a while, but it’s proving perishingly hard to get hold off. Unless, of course, you’re right at the head of the virtual queue when the online retailers put their latest batches on sale. Still, the little micro’s scarcity isn’t stopping hackers from coming up with ingenious solutions to its other limitations — too few USB ports, primarily — and accessory suppliers from issuing add-ons.

Circuitbeard Pi Zero Hub Case

Zero above, four ports below

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Raspberry Pi Case Review 2: Cyntech and ModMyPi

A little while ago, I tried a pair of the early Raspberry Pi cases. Desiring a change, I fetched myself two more, one from British online retailer ModMyPi, the other from UK electronics firm Cyntech, which also worked with Pi specialist Pimoroni on the Pi Hub, reviewed here.

ModMyPi and Cyntech cases

The ModMyPi and Cyntech Raspberry Pi cases

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Review: Pibow and SB Components Raspberry Pi Cases

I bought a case for my Pi very early on. It seemed sensible: I don’t keep the Pi permanently plugged in, so it’ll always get plenty of handling – not something you want to subject on a naked board to. I got a cheap one – the SB Components case, covered below – but have since begun to wonder whether I needed something better: a case that’s most suited to regular opening and closing while I slip on and off various GPIO add-ons.

This drew me to the bolt-together Pibow. But while it’s undoubtedly a stylish case – possibly the most stylish; it was created by the designer of the Pi logo – but I’m not convinced it’s the most practical of its kind.

Pibow Raspberry Pi case

Assemble the Pibow by slotting Pi in among the sheets… and bolting it all together

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